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Digital Print Release

Photographer: Abigail Melton Photography



This Release is between the Client(s) and Abigail Melton Photography. The Photographer hereby grants permission and license to the Client to have rights of personal reproduction.

The Client hereby agrees and acknowledges that all images produced remain the exclusive property of the Photographer and that the grant of this limited license for personal use does not alter the ownership or control of said images. The Client hereby agrees and acknowledges that any and all Copyright rights are retained by the Photographer per 17 USC 101 et seq. (US Copyright Law) and are not released by this Release.

The Photographer hereby grants to the Client the following limited license to reproduce images, subject to the following restrictions.

1. The Client may distribute photographic images for personal purposes via electric means. Such electronic distribution includes: email to personal contacts, distribution on social networking sites, and publishing images on personal blogs.

2. The Client may reproduce printed images for personal use of any size and quantity.

3. The Client may display images in a personal residence or other non-commercial venues.

Any other use or reproduction of images is strictly prohibited. Such prohibited uses include, but are not limited to:

- Commercial Electronic Distribution (i.e. use on a commercial website or revenue generating blog)

- Entrance into any contest or other venues which may result in financial gain (monetary or otherwise)

- Sale of prints or other materials

- Display of images in any business related (retail or otherwise) or commercial venue.

- Alteration of images for display, including cropping and digital color enhancement

- Copying of digital files for distribution to others.

Any commercial printer is released from liability regarding the duplication of any of the images referenced above.

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